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Other sites to explore and enjoy Harry Chapin information.

A collection of stories about Harry. You can also find the Harry Chapin Concert list offering the history of dates and locations of the Band's performances.

Inside you'll find all of the latest news and information about the music of the Chapin Family as well as:

  • Guitar Chords and Lyrics
  • MP3s of Rare/Unreleased Music
  • Trader's Circle
  • Links to other Chapin sites

A live concert performance by John McMenamin.

Articles, music, Lyrics, photos, videos, stories, links, FAQ, etc.

The Chapin Wiki, an informational sharing platform for Harry's fans.

Phil Kaufman presents his Cotton Patch Gospel Food Project to benefit WHYHunger and CPG Food Project.

A community service out reach of the Connecticut Songwriters Association.