Cotton Patch Gospel Cassette

Cotton Patch Gospel Cassette

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Cotton Patch Gospel premiered at the Lamb's Theater in New York City on October 21, 1981. Written by Tom Key and Russell Treyz, and with music and lyrics by Harry, the musical adapted Clarence Jordan's "Cotton Patch" versions of the gospels of Matthew and John for the stage.

Act I

Somethin's Brewin' in Gainesville
Baby Born to God
I Did It
Mama Is Here/I Did It (Reprise)
It Isn't Easy
Sho 'Nuff
From That Day On
Turn it Around
When I Look Up
Ain't No Busy Signals
Miracle on Stone Mountain
Love the Lord Your God
Blind Date
Goin to Atlanta

Act II

Are We Ready?
You Are Still My Boy
We Gotta Get Organized
We'e Gonna Love It While It Lasts
Dangerous Man
Hey, What's Goin On?
Jud (Reprise)
Thank God for Governor Pilate
One More Tomorrow
I Wonder (with Jubilation reprise)
Somethin's Brewin in Gainesville (Reprise)