Harry Chapin Greatest Stories Live vinyl album

Greatest Stories Live- Vinyl

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Greatest Stories Live-vinyl is an absolute must for all Chapin fans. This is Harry's first live album, released in 1976. This vinyl has never been played and is still wrapped in it original cellophane. 

Side 1

  1. Dreams Go By
  2. W*O*L*D
  3. Saturday Morning
  4. I Wanna Learn a Love Song

Side 2

  1. Mr. Tanner
  2. A Better Place to Be
  3. Let Time Go Lightly

Side 3

  1. Cat's In the Cradle
  2. Taxi
  3. Circle

Side 4

  1. 30,000 Pounds of Bananas
  2. She Is Always Seventeen
  3. Love Is Just Another Word
  4. The Shortest Story